Library Staff Recommendations


Lessons in Chemistry.jpgSeptember 2022

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus recommended by Linda Kay Thompson

This book is one that you will remember long after you read it. WHY?

It is a story about women of the 60’s the prejudices, injustices, and sometimes insanity that was common in that day. Will you laugh? YES. Will you cry? Of course you will. The writer wanted you to enjoy this book while it showed you the realities of educated women fighting for their right to be seen and heard as experts in the world of men. It wasn’t easy for these women all the world saw in a woman was their ability to have children, cook and clean. A housewife, not a job, laugh out loud, a career oh, my not at all. Every housewife was underestimated and undervalued. The fact that they could get PHD’s and even Doctors degrees didn’t mean they were of any worth on the world stage. This a book that ALL people should read and realize that there are no limits to what any human can do of accomplish.  READ and ENJOY