Food and Drink Policy




Snack food and covered drinks are allowed in the Sidney Public Library however, all food is restricted from the patron computer area and near the printer. 

Non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in covered, spill-proof containers. 



Anyone that consumes food or drink in the library is also responsible for clean up.  Clean up includes, but is not limited to:

               Disposing of wrappers, containers and other trash in trash receptacles. 

               Reporting major spills to library staff immediately.


In the event of damage from food or drink to library materials, equipment or other library property, cleaning or repair costs may be assessed to the responsible patron.

Patrons who fail to follow these rules will receive one verbal warning.  After the first warning, failure to follow the rules will result in losing the privilege to eat and drink in the library.

Complaints will be handled by library staff.




The goal of the Sidney Public Library is to maintain an environment that is appropriate for the protection of library materials.  If not picked up, food and beverages can attract unwanted pests that damage library materials.  In addition, a clean, pest-free environment is a healthy, comfortable place to visit. 


We appreciate your cooperation in protecting the library environment.

Adopted 3/12/2018