Computer and Internet Usage Policy


To fulfill its mission to provide its patrons with access to informational and recreational materials in various formats, the Sidney Public Library (SPL) provides public usage to the internet.


·       The SPL Computer and Internet Use Policy must be read before initial use.



·    Individual internet usage will not be monitored by library staff. 


·    A parent/guardian must accompany any child on the computer who has not complete third grade.Individual internet usage will not be monitored by library staff. 



·    Parents, guardians, or care givers of minors are responsible for their children’s use of the internet. 




·       The SPL is not responsible for information accessed on the internet. 


·       Any unauthorized, illegal, or unethical activities are prohibited and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 



·    Workstation time will be limited to one 30-minute segment at a time.  Additional time will be permitted if no one else is waiting.



·    No more than two patrons per computer will be allowed.



·    Because of potential for illicit computer viruses, the use of personal software on the library computer is NOT allowed.



·    Downloading to the hard drive is prohibited.



·    Repair or replacement costs of due to damage to computers, headphones, printers and networking equipment caused by a patron will charged to the patron.  The patron will not be permitted to use the computer or check out materials until remittance for such costs are made to the library.



·    Fees will be charged for any pages printed on library printer.



·    The rights and privacy of others will be respected.



·    Compliance with copyright and licensing laws is required.



·    Misuse of computer or internet access as determined by library staff will result in the loss of your computer privileges as follows:



               first offense-one week suspension    

                second offense-three months suspension                        

                third offense-permanent suspension




In addition to internet access via computers, the library provides free wireless internet access inside and outside of the library building.

·    The library cannot guarantee a secure connection at all times and in all places within the library.



·    The library takes no responsibility for lost data, etc. due to a lost connection.



·    Patrons are responsible for maintaining up-to-date antivirus software, firewalls, etc. on their personal computers/laptops.



·        All library policies concerning legal and acceptable use of computers and the internet apply as well as library conduct policies.



Adopted:  2003

Revised: 1/2009

Revised: 1/2013

Revised: 10/2016

Reviewed: 1/2020

Reviewed: 2/2023