Collection Development Policy


 The Sidney Public Library fully endorses the Freedom to Read for all citizens.  The library will strive to provide materials representing divergent points of views.  The library will also attempt to provide materials that enrich the quality of thought and expression for all its patrons.



The Library Board of Trustees adopts the Collection Development policy which is a guideline for building the library's collection.  Selecting materials is the responsibility of the Library Director.


The larger portion of the collection is based on the library's role as a popular materials library.   Book review publications, book reviews, and best seller lists, are used as the primary guidelines for adding books to the collection.  In addition, patron suggestions, recommendations and budget limitations affect the addition of items to the library's collection.  


Materials will be selected on the basis of their value in meeting the informational and recreational interests of the people in the Library’s service area.  Factors in selection will include:  interest, demand, timeliness, audience, diversity of viewpoint, and availability.  No material that meets the Library’s selection criteria shall be excluded because of the origin, background, or views of the author or those contributing to its creation. Not all materials may be suitable for all members of the community.  Not all materials may be suitable for all audiences.


The goal of the Library is to provide a collection that contains a diversity of items so that all members of our service community will find something that interests them.


The library currently purchases adult fiction, large print fiction, picture books, children's and teen fiction.  Occasionally, DVD’s are added to the children’s collection.  Occasional purchases of non-fiction for adults, children and teens also supplement the library collection.   


Audio and e-books are a part of the library's collection through the Iowa Bridges consortium.   The State Library of Iowa has a selection committee that is responsible for the development of that collection.  The Bridges collection development policy can be found here:


Reference items pertaining to local history, development, government and general information are made available keeping in mind relevance, space, and budget.  Most of these items can only be used in the library. 


Audiobooks, games and puzzles are also part of the library collection, but are not actively added to.  The library has a collection of magazines, some of which are subscribed to.  The rest are donated.  All of these items can be checked out.


Material donations are generally accepted.  Material donations are final and the library has absolute say in their disposition.  Conditional donations are not accepted.  Donors are advised that their donations may be placed on the library shelves if the library does not already own a copy or their donations may be added to the book sale items.   Items placed on the shelf are considered to be a part of the collection and will be treated the same as all other collection items, i.e. circulation rules, weeding.


Weeding is performed continuously.  As new items are shelved, those items that have not been borrowed in a 3-5 year time frame, will be considered for weeding to provide space for newer materials.  Books that are ragged or missing pages will be discarded or replaced depending upon popularity.


In the event that a member of the community finds an item objectionable, that person is invited to complete a Reconsideration of Library Materials form to be submitted to the Library Director and Board of Trustees.  Refer to that form for details on the submission and evaluation process.              


Adopted: October 28, 1999

Revised: 12/2012

Revised: 2/2013

Revised: 10/2018

Reviewed: 2/2022

Revised: 6/2023