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This is our collection of book lists.  Check this out to get inspired to find a pile of books that appeal to you!


Books to Explore WWII

The historical fiction genre appeals to readers who want to escape everday life while they get a glimpse of another era.  World War II as a time and place is particularly popular in fiction today.  Along with a vareity of fiction books, we are also featuring  a few non-fiction books.  For even more selection, check out Bridges.


Books to Celebrate Women's History Month

Celebrate women who have shaped history.  We have non-fiction memoirs and biographies as well as fictional representations of female history shapers. 


Books to Give You a Different Perspective

Books explore our humanity.  Through them we can share the experiences of people across the spectrum of colors, ethnicities, religions, cultures, sexual orientations and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Books give us the ability to learn from and empathize with people who are different from ourselves.  These books explore a variety of these themes.